I am

An Architect & Interior Designer

I believe in the ability of Architecture, Research, and Design thinking to effect good in the world. I have been blessed with a wide variety of experiences and I believe they have helped shape me into a highly skilled, thoughtful, and well-rounded designer. I believe in the power of holistically good ideas paired with a multidisciplinary, research-based, and collaborative design process.

My goal is to help better shape the built environment through the creation of beautiful, functional architecture, the communication of good ideas, and the development of sensible policy. To these ends, I will continue to work, learn, and immerse myself in the field in order to create to the best of my ability.

I am currently working as a Building Architect at Rowaad Al Tasmeem Engineering Consultant, Sharjah. I have over 5 years’ of experience in Architectural & Interior Design Fit-outs.

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